Is it Safe to Buy Supplements Online?

Shopping for supplements online can be a risky business. Many of the same issues that plague Amazon also apply to other online sites. It's not recommended to buy supplements from Amazon, or even from regular stores like CVS, as they may be a waste of money or even harmful to your health. Laboratory tests have revealed that health products purchased online may contain banned and dangerous additives, or even be counterfeit with no active ingredients.

It's legal to buy supplements without a prescription, but you won't find these brands in local retail stores or health food stores. If you find them online, it's important to check with the manufacturer to make sure the retailer is licensed. Unfortunately, even good products can be at risk, as their safety and quality are no longer controlled. Supplements can be expensive, but many people consider them to be a worthwhile investment as they help the body fight diseases with immune-boosting powers.

Amazon has rules in place for sellers, but some products still go unnoticed. Many pharmacies and online websites offer information that promotes the safety and effectiveness of their products. Supplement companies are allowed to put products on the market without FDA approval of labeling. In today's difficult economy, people may hesitate to buy expensive vitamins and supplements at exclusive stores and distribution points, so they turn to the internet for cheaper options.

However, this can be dangerous as these products may not have been tested for safety or effectiveness. To ensure that you're getting what you paid for, look for third-party certifications from trusted sources such as USP or NSF when buying supplements online.

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