A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Supplements

Minerals, botanicals, botanical compounds, and amino acids are all types of dietary supplements that many adults and children in the United States take. These supplements come in a variety of forms, such as tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, energy drinks, and bars. Popular supplements include vitamins D and B12; minerals such as calcium and iron; herbs such as echinacea and garlic; and products such as glucosamine, probiotics, and fish oils. Protein powder is a popular supplement among gym-goers, as it helps build muscle mass.

When buying protein powder, look for the amino acid profile to ensure it has the right amount of macronutrients. Creatine is another supplement that helps increase lean muscle mass and strength. Beta-alanine is often sold alone and can help increase muscle endurance. Lastly, there are many forms of oral supplement administration, such as capsules, tablets, softgels, chewable tablets, powders, and liquids.

In conclusion, multivitamins, garlic tablets, fish oil capsules, probiotics, natural weight loss aids, and certain types of energy drinks are all examples of dietary supplements.

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