The 6 Essential Nutrients for Good Health and Their Sources

Water is essential for good health, making up 45 to 75% of our body. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the brain and should account for 45 to 65% of total daily calories. Protein is made of amino acids, which are the building blocks of our tissues, and 10 to 35 percent of daily calories should come from lean protein sources. Micronutrients consist of vitamins and minerals, and a deficiency can cause health problems.

Fats often get a bad rap, but recent research has shown that healthy fats are an important part of a healthy diet. Water improves brain function and mood, and it helps eliminate toxins, transport nutrients to cells, hydrate the body and prevent constipation. All these essential nutrients can be grouped into six main categories: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Carbohydrates are found in fruits, breads and grains, starchy vegetables, and sugars.

Protein sources include low-fat meat, dairy products, beans, or eggs. Vitamins are essential for preventing disease and staying healthy; there are 13 essential vitamins that the body needs to function properly. Minerals are also important for good health; they help the body absorb vitamins and regulate hormones. Fats should account for 20 to 35 percent of daily calories according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Lastly, water is vital for good health; it acts as a shock absorber and lubricant in the body. A person who follows a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins can get all the vitamins they need in their food. However, people who eat less fruit and vegetables and people with digestive problems may need to take a vitamin supplement to reduce or avoid a deficiency. Protein is not only important for muscles but also for every cell in the body; all hormones, antibodies, and other important substances are made up of proteins. There are many vegan protein powders on the market with a variety of flavors and ingredients available. Therefore, we must ensure that we are getting the right nutrients in the right quantity which is essential for good health, reproduction and growth.

Eating a balanced diet with all six essential nutrients will help us stay healthy and prevent disease.

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